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Life After Property

Life After Property examines how the territory, neighborhood, block, and home can be reclaimed for more collectivized ways of living and being

House of Commons

A solo-exhibition at the David Ireland House that examines the form, social structures, and protocols of living together.

The Center Won’t Hold

A design-research project on Bronzeville that proposes a decentralized model of sharing wherein new forms of solidarity can empower residents to take action on the available city.


Trees such as Luna are an integral component to the cleansing of air and absorption of atmospheric carbon, yet their critical role often goes unnoticed, making them one of several silent subjects of capitalism.

Commoning Domestic Space

A design-research project on collective living experiments. Research into the hardware, software, and orgware of a series of case studies serves as a catalyst for a series of design prototypes.

Re-Assembling the Archive

Going beyond the archive as a static container of information and transitioning the building from a site of power to a place of empowerment, Re-Assembling the Archive situates the archive as a place of discourse and public assembly

Collective Form

A solo exhibition highlighting the first five years of the Practice’s work, emphasizing five thematics of collective form: Soft Frameworks, Articulated Surfaces, the Living Archive, Re-Wiring States, and Commoning.

At Home Together

At Home Together investigates the intentions and institutions of contemporary collective living experiments in San Francisco—identifying the political governance that structures the public and private realm.

Ways of Life

Ways of Life is a project that examines new domestic conditions of living and working in close proximity to nature. A series of 19 diverse architects were selected to produce prototypes that are currently being realized.

The World in Our Eyes

A design-research project that questions how to leverage design opportunities that empower local populations and ecologies by reconfiguring extraction processes, infrastructures, and communities to account for their future production(s).

Malleable Monuments

A solo exhibition highlighting the first three years of the Practice’s work, emphasizing thematics of collective form: Soft Frameworks, Articulated Surfaces, the Living Archive, and Re-Wiring States.

Urbanism from Within

This design-research exhibition explores the typology of the secondary unit and its interaction with the larger systems of a city in an attempt to understand the feedback systems between the individual unit of the interior and the collective framework of the city — in essence, how the interior can reformat urbanism from within.


Fabricated through a single CNC module, the exhibition collapses structure, skin, and programmatic enclosure into a single surface. Showcasing a series of design projects, the exhibition also hosted the honorary doctorate event conferred on the Pulitzer Prize winner Holland Cotter.


Calibrated to the speed of movement, this low-resolution lenticular composition of 576 individual pyramids collapses four paradigmatic views of Houston in one surface plane. The perspectives are recomposed into an open work wherein the viewer navigates and forms new perspectives.