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San Francisco, CA, USA



Project Team:
The Open Workshop + Studio LD
Neeraj Bhatia, Mauricio Soto, Kurt Stubbins, David Ornvold



The figure has typically been positioned in architecture as an object of expression, whereas the field relies on an expansive integration of varying components. This exhibition and installation was conceived of as a continuous limit — the architectural formwork of demarcating space and enclosing the object. Instead, however, the project stretches the limit and twists it into a field condition. Organized as a single fluctuating edge, the installation oscillates between the figure and field — continually expanding, contracting, and framing different forms of interaction. Fabricated through a single CNC module, the exhibition collapses structure, skin, and programmatic enclosure into a single surface. Showcasing a series of design projects, the exhibition also hosted the honorary doctorate event conferred on the Pulitzer Prize winner Holland Cotter. Formworks uses a limit to frame occupation, without limiting the forms of occupation.