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Malleable Monuments

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NYC, NY / San Francisco, CA, USA



The Architectural League of New York, Storefront Lab

Project Team:
Neeraj Bhatia, Hayfa Al-Gwaiz, Jared Clifton, Jeremy Jacinth, Shawn Komlos, Cesar Lopez, Laura Williams with/ Bella Mang, Shirin Monshipouri, Nicholas Scribner


Malleable Monuments is a solo exhibition of the architectural design practice, The Open Workshop, which brings together the first three years of the office’s work. The exhibition presents a grouping of transcalar design experiments that test how to empower the role of architecture within the transforming, evolving, fluctuating, and indeterminate conditions of the city, its public sphere, and its ecological context. Two large installations oscillate between lightness/heaviness, figure/field, territorial network/local object, and the natural/artificial. A series of taxonomy drawings classify the design experiments into four categories—Frameworks, Living Archives, Articulated Surfaces, and Rewiring States. These projects share a goal of reconciling and choreographing how the human and environmental subject and their individual, transforming, ephemeral, and often contradictory characteristics continuously recompose a permanent work.