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The Land is Your Land

This Land is Your Land examines the synergies that are formed by a multi-resource cooperative to address issues of data equity, housing access, energy transitions, and the forestry industry.

Aging Against the Machine

A design-research project examining the range of barriers—physical, social, financial, and cultural—that make it difficult to grow older with dignity and community in West Oakland.

Decentering the Commune

The Bronzesheet is a series of large-format prints that catalyzes new forms of solidarity as a coalition. They are categorized by the same themes that organize the design project’s spatial network—food, making, ecology, and care. 

Staking the Land

This project contends that the most vital component to resisting oil extraction in the neutral zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia is to bond people to the land. The proposal uses a grid of micro-diffused infrastructures as devices to situate people in the land and form a diffused resistance.

The Estuary Commons

Resilient by Design (RBD) was a year-long collaborative design challenge that selected 10 international design teams to work with local residents and public officials and create designs that support the Bay Area’s resilience to climate change.

Environment as Politics

An examination of the relation between density and the popular vote across all 3,144 counties. Illustrating 51 emblematic counties, representing a range of geographic locations and political affiliations, reflected the social and economic relationships that shape (and are shaped by) our politics.

Re-commoning the Frontier

A project that re-engages the notion of the commons, one of the first uses of San Francisco’s Southeast Waterfront’s lands, to create an alternative to public space—positioning the concept of working together as a critical mechanism to embrace pluralism.

Dredgescaping Toledo

The proposed geologics of dredge enable local environments and citizens as well as territorial transformations to co-evolve with and through the dredge cycle, repositioning land as a temporal material state.

Death and Life of the Buffer Zone

An installation that examines the series of publics spaces formed from the anomalous parcels created as the avenue of Broadway transects the grid of Manhattan.

Staging Sheppard

An urban design proposal that examines the path between a residential environment and a proposed light-rail transit route. This proposal allows for safe public occupation of the right of way and reorient culture to walking.

Rerigging Air

A proposal that seeks to merge tradition with technology to allow for informal uses to remain on the site while also creating a cultural complex that celebrates the site’s heritage.

Constellatory Cove

A proposal that adopts a strategy of first disconnecting the islands of Porto Brandão only to reconnect them in a precise manner. The act of disconnection, allows each of these islands to realize its ‘almost’ project into an ideal state.


Taking cues from the context, En Pointe! employs a large multi-programmed public surface that is timeshared through a schedule to allow a more diverse and larger set of public programs.


Taking the logic of the stabilizing rock jetties, this proposal nests a series of figures to augment the existing coastline. Instead of perceiving water as something to defend against, how can it be repositioned as a performative feature that connects across the obstructions currently on the site?

Unlocking America’s Core

In the project, a series of new HSR terminals interface with existing infrastructures – highways, roads and airports to ‘unlock’ the identities, productive surfaces and vast economic potential of communities within America’s geographic core.

Liquid Commons

A proposal that provides a new, malleable educational infrastructure composed of a series of boats that travel between the harbors of eleven adjacent settlements, catering to more than seventy-five hundred “unserved” citizens of the Nunavut region in Canada.

Ice Roads/ Truck Stops

The proposal considers a trucking corridor north of Yellowknife that is open for only 67 days on average during the winter, utilizing strategic symbiosis to reconcile the confluence of industry, ecology, energy production and collectivity.