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The Bronzesheets

The Bronzesheet leverages print media as an accessible medium to form a conversation that is free of the corporate interests residing in social media platforms.

Life Along the Conduit

The scroll depicts a landscape scene that spans from the city to the suburbs, exurbs, and eventually hinterland environments.

Dark Chambers

Forms representing the often hidden lifestyles of precariat as well as new forms of solidarity through living and working together are presented.


Trees such as Luna are an integral component to the cleansing of air and absorption of atmospheric carbon, yet their critical role often goes unnoticed, making them one of several silent subjects of capitalism.

Environment as Politics

An examination of the relation between density and the popular vote across all 3,144 counties. Illustrating 51 emblematic counties, representing a range of geographic locations and political affiliations, reflected the social and economic relationships that shape (and are shaped by) our politics.