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Diffused Collectivity

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Tomorrow Anew

Author: Neeraj Bhatia

Date: 2023

Gabriel Kozlowski, Eduarda Volschan, Luisa Schettino, Monica Vieira Eisenberg


“Our spatial environments and our mediums of collective gathering will alter our politics, and in rebuilding a better world, architects must be at the forefront of giving vision to this new society and heal our collective trauma. Let’s be clear, Covid-19 did not start the current crisis, instead, it revealed a crisis that was already bubbling just under the surface for decades. This crisis has several dimensions—the privatization and disinvestment of infrastructure through neoliberal policy, the distribution of power and governance, lack of transparency and accountability, and among others, our unregulated relationship to the natural environment. It is too early to know if on the ‘other side’ of this moment will be a reaffirmation of the status quo fueled by disaster capitalism or a rebuilding of the system itself. One thing is certain—we will need to confront shifting definitions of the public/private realm, interior/exterior, spatial/digital as well as how we will live together, for our closeness is also what makes us powerful.”

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