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Borderlands: An Exploitation of the US-Mexico Political Geography

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Author: Cesar A. Lopez

Editors: Neeraj Bhatia & Mason White

Date: 2020


“The border cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez lie next to one another estranged. Once a single thriving community now severed by the U.S./Mexico political geography. The boundary between the two cities is not an abstract line on some map but rather the Rio Grande river. A powerful river that now flows through concrete channels built to put an end to the rivers natural habit of shifting course and blurring the boundary.

Since the outbreak of the Mexican Cartel war the border/river has been sealed – severing what used to be a strong and vibrant bi-national community. The violence has strangling an economy largely dependent on transborder foot traffic. The abandoned homes left behind by citizens fleeing to safety has become the breeding ground for the cartel’s colonization of the U.S. / Mexican borderland. As a result, the Rio Grande runs dry due to a system of upstream levees holding line between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez.”

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