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Pacific Felt Factory

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San Francisco, CA, USA



Project Team:
Neeraj Bhatia, Shirin Monshipouri

Photos: Ben Kumata

Funded by Grant from San Francisco Arts Commission

The Pacific Felt Factory is an Artist Cooperative work space in the Mission District, San Francisco. Given the decadent cost of real estate in the neighborhood, the pressures between artist studio space and collective gathering space is an ongoing negotiation. As the most diverse BIPOC artist collective in the city, it was important to find new opportunities for gathering and commoning practices that are the core of forming solidarity. The courtyard design by The Open Workshop utilizes a deprived PG&E shed to create an entry and gathering space for the community. Done as a pro-bono project, and funded through a San Francisco Arts Commission Grant, the project leverages simple materials to create both a backdrop and beacon for the courtyard. The courtyard works with landscaping to create a bioswale and shading. Today, this space is one of the key event spaces for the community, giving them a visible presence in the city.