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Us, Alone

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Rome, Italy



CAMPO Space, Group Exhibition “Everything Out the Door”

Project Credits:
The Open Workshop
Neeraj Bhatia
Cesar Lopez

Student Designers (CAMPO Workshop):
Jeremy Schipper, Pierre Shaw

Maria Giudici, Black Square
Matteo Costanzo, 2A+P/A architects

Group Exhibition Featuring:
åyr, Baukuh, Fake Industries, Cedric Libert, MAIO Architects, Plan Comun, Point Supreme, The Open Workshop, Unulaunu

“Don’t the houses of our era have to become material symbols of the struggle between an interests in isolation and a demand for integration?…The modern apartment is the extension of the body through which the habitualized care for one’s self and one’s own background defensivity is specifically brought to representation. It makes explicit the fact that living organisms do not exist without making sure that they are enclosed within themselves. Thus the apartment wins a share of the core processes of modernization: it articulates the appearance – of the becoming articulate – of immune systems, and at the same time the experiments of self-relating individuals with larger associations (of which even the largest will be much smaller than the ‘whole’). It materializes the fact that human openness to the world always corresponds to a complementary aversion from it”

—Peter Sloterdijk, The Apartment as Immune System


Presented here are a series of images that interrogate the basic elements of the room and critique the territorial environment outside the door. If there is no outside to the systems of urbanization, can the inside enable a critical distance for reflection? Everything inside the door contemplates everything outside the door.