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The Petropolis Of Tomorrow

The Petropolis of Tomorrow is a design-research project, which examines new Petropolises —cities formed from resource extraction— associated with energy harvesting and production in South America.

Infranet Lab

InfraNet Lab is a research collective probing the spatial byproducts of contemporary resource logistics. The laboratory posits the argument that a body of unique built works continues to arise out of the complex negotiation of, and competition for, biotic and abiotic resources. Operating in a manner similar to infrastructures, these works have evolved to merge landscape, urbanism, and architecture into a sophisticated mutant assemblage of surfaces, containers, and conduits.

The Urban Works Agency

The Urban Works Agency (UWA) is a research lab at the California College of the Arts Architecture Division in San Francisco that leverages architectural design to affect social justice, ecological vitality, and economic resilience.