05/2016 The Open Workshop selected for the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects and Designers

05/2016 Neeraj Bhatia lectures at UCLA on "Territory & Praxis"

05/2016 Neeraj Bhatia publishes "Territorial Figures" in Ground Up Journal's issue on Delineations

05/2016 Neeraj Bhatia sits on final Jury at Yale (Aureli / Abruzzo), MIT (Thesis), University of Washington, and UT Knoxville (Thesis)

04/2016 Neeraj Bhatia & Christopher Roach examine the Operative Limit in MONU Magazine #24: Domestic Urbanism

04/2016 Neeraj Bhatia lectures at Columbia University GSAPP as part of the Scales of Environment Lecture Series

03/2016 Neeraj Bhatia / The Open Workshop has two articles in Volume Magazine #47: The System

02/2016 Neeraj Bhatia interviewed on Urbanism from Within for The Atlantic

02/2016 Neeraj Bhatia moderates discussion on "Inequality and Collective Form" with Pier Vittorio Aureli and Reinhold Martin

01/2016 The Urban Works Agency, co-directed by Bhatia, organizes Domestic Affairs Housing Symposium

01/2016 Scaffoldia play structure opens

01/2016 Bhatia edits Issue 2 of The Agent, featuring interviews with Albert Pope and Sheila Kennedy

12/2015 The Open Workshop is selected for Our City Oakland, prototyping installation and festival.

11/2015 Neeraj Bhatia sits on panel discussion on "Water Machines" with Anthony Acciavatti, Kristina Hill, Jenny Odell, Richard Hindle and Christopher Roach.

11/2015 Neeraj Bhatia publishes "The Cheap Frontier" in Scenario Journals latest issues on "Extraction

10/2015 Neeraj Bhatia joins the Editorial Team at UrbanNext

10/2015 "Urbanism from Within" receives a special mention in Metropolis Magazine's review of the Designing Affordability exhibition.

10/2015 Neeraj Bhatia lectures at ACSA Fall Conference "Between the Autonomous and Contingent Object"

09/2015 "Urbanism from Within" part of the Designing Affordability Exhibition at the Architecture Center in New York

09/2015 Neeraj Bhatia lectures at UC Berkeley as part of the Urban Design Lecture Series

09/2015 Neeraj Bhatia joins the Board of Directors of the Center for Architecture and Design San Francisco

08/2015 "The Open Work", an exhibition of recent design projects opens at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, College of Architecture and Design

08/2015 Neeraj Bhatia lectures on "Choreographing Infrastructure" at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, College of Architecture and Design

08/2015 Neeraj Bhatia lectures and participates in the DredgeFest Great Lakes Symposium at the University of Minnesota"

07/2015 Neeraj Bhatia publishes "The Subjects of Performance" in ARPA Journal, Issue 03

06/2015 Neeraj Bhatia leads a workshop and lectures in Sydney, Australia for Urban Islands 2015

05/2015 Neeraj Bhatia publishes "Choreographic Surface Tension" in PLAT Journal, Issue 4.5

05/2015 Neeraj Bhatia joins the Editorial Board for Urban Island Studies

05/2015 The Open Workshop and SurfaceDesign, Inc. are one of six teams shortlisted for the Middle City Passages Competition in Toronto

05/2015 Urbanism from Within featured on NPR / KQED

04/2015 Neeraj Bhatia sits on final reviews at Yale University (Pier Vittorio Aureli/ Emily Abbruzzo Studio) and Cornell University (Inaqui Carnicero Studio).

04/2015 Neeraj Bhatia sits on a panel discussion on "Grounding Urban Metabolism" with Daniel Ibanez, Nikos Katsikis, David Fletcher, Irene Cheng and Christopher Roach.

04/2015 Neeraj Bhatia leads a workshop and lectures at PUC-Quito on Cable Car Urbanism.

03/2015 Neeraj Bhatia chairs panel session on "Design Agency through Engaging Industry" at the Annual ACSA Conference "The Expanding Periphery and the Migrating Center"

03/2015 Neeraj Bhatia lectures in the "Diffuse Density: Making Housing Affordable" Symposium

03/2015 Urbanism From Within Exhibition review in SF Curbed

02/2015 Neeraj Bhatia invited to participate in the "Resilience / Resistance" workshop, organized by SFMoMA

02/2015 Urbanism From Within Exhibition, curated by Neeraj Bhatia, opens at SPUR Gallery, San Francisco

02/2015 Neeraj Bhatia's Article "The Right to the City and its Laboratory" is published in the Avery Review

11/2014 Neeraj Bhatia recieves a Faculty Cirriculum Grant from CCA

10/2014 Neeraj Bhatia's article on Brazil's Floating Frontier is published in PLOT Revista

11/2014 The Petropolis of Tomorrow is featured in the FRAC Centre's "City as VIsion" Exhibition

10/2014 Neeraj Bhatia's article on Brazil's Floating Frontier is published in PLOT Revista

10/2014 Neeraj Bhatia's article on Weak Systems is published in OnSite Review

10/2014 The Open Workshop participates in CityLab 2014 in Los Angeles

09/2014 Dredgescaping Toledo and Rerigging Air are part of the "Making () that Matters" Exhibition at the Tecoah Bruce Gallery in Oakland

09/2014 Neeraj Bhatia and Christopher Roach present on Interior Urbanism at "San Francisco: My Home" AIA Talks

09/2014 Neeraj Bhatia edits Issue 1 of "The Agent": Coherence and Urban Form, feature interviews with Pier Vittorio Aureli and Xaveer de Geyter

09/2014 The Open Workshop receives an honorable mention in the Baltic Thermal Pool Park competition

09/2014 Neeraj Bhatia and Christopher Roach present on "Interior Urbanism" at AIASF's 11th Annual Architecture and the City Festival.

09/2014 Neeraj Bhatia delivers a public lecture at CCA.

08/2014 InfraNet Lab receives a Graham Foundation Grant for Bracket [Takes Action], co-edited by Neeraj Bhatia and Mason White

06/2014 Neeraj Bhatia and Christopher Roach present on "Urban Works" at 'cARTography' symposium hosted at CCA San Francisco.

06/2014 Neeraj Bhatia sits on Panel Discussion with on "Re/Source" in Los Angeles with Mary Casper, Curt Gambetta, Roger Sherman, and Peter Zellner. Moderated by Andrew Kovacs.

05/2014 Neeraj Bhatia sits on Panel Discussion with Alexa Arena and Andrew Laing at AECOM San Francisco

05/2014 Neeraj Bhatia and Christopher Roach edit Issue 0 of "The Agent": The Issue of Agency, featuring interviews with Keller Easterling and Neil Brenner.

05/2014 Neeraj Bhatia and Mason White jury Bracket [Takes Action] with Pier Vittorio Aureil, Vishaan Chakrabarti, Adam Greenfield, Belinda Tato, and Yoshiharu Tsukomoto.

05/2014 Neeraj Bhatia and Mauricio Soto design and launch "Formworks" exhibition in San Francisco

04/2014 Neeraj Bhatia sits on Panel Discussion on "Instruments for Urban Production" with Clare Lyster, Alexander Eisenschmidt, Lluis Ortega, Antonio Petrov. Moderated by Christophe Cornubert at the Chicago Architecture Foundation

3/2014 Neeraj Bhatia lectures at Panel Discussion on "Resource Extraction Urbanism" at Rice University with Mary Casper, Fares El-Dahdah, Stephen Engblom, Neyran Turan, Christopher Hight, and Albert Pope; Moderated by Sarah Whiting

02/2014 Neeraj Bhatia interviewed for NPR's Morning Edition on The Petropolis Project

02/2014 Neeraj Bhatia sits on Panel Discussion on "Environments of Extraction" at Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York with Dr. Paul Fennelly, Rob Holmes, and Justin Fowler.

02/2014 Lines in Water Exhibition at Pink Comma in Boston featuring drawings from Petropolis and LCLA Office

02/2014 Petropolis of Tomorrow Book Launch in San Francisco

02/2014 Neeraj Bhatia is a finalist for the Maeder-York Fellowship in Landscape Studies at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

01/2014 Neeraj Bhatia sits on Panel Discussion on Petropolis with Imre Szeman, Mason White, Rafico Ruiz, and Maya Pryzbylski at Swipe Toronto

12/2013 The Open Workshop + Lorena Del Rio Architect's Proposal 'En Pointe' receives a Europan '12 Austria Award

11/2013 Neeraj Bhatia lectures at Berkeley on Formal Relevance

11/2013 Neeraj Bhatia lectures, sits on panel to discuss "Infrastructural Archipelagoes" at Studio-X NYC with Luis Callejas, Mary Casper, Brian Davis and Geoff Manaugh for the Petropolis of Tomorrow book launch.

11/2013 The Petropolis of Tomorrow, edited by Neeraj Bhatia & Mary Casper now available for purchase

10/2013 Neeraj Bhatia lectures at MIT on Territorial Form

10/2013 Recon-Figure on display at the 3C Exhibition, Gallery 61, New York

10/2013 Neeraj Bhatia is an invited speaker to World Architecture Day 2013 in New York

09/2013 Petropolis of Tomorrow is featured in the Architecture Biennale Buenos Aires

09/2013 Neeraj Bhatia lectures on Resource Extraction Urbanism at the SAP Conference, Buenos Aires

09/2013 The Open Workshop is a finalist in the Comprehensive Coastal Communities Competition

09/2013 Neeraj Bhatia lectures at The University of Minnesota, kicking off the "1" Lecture Series

09/2013 Neeraj Bhatia receives a travel grant from the Canada Council for the Arts

08/2013 The Open Workshop receives its Architectural Certificate of Practice

08/2013 Neeraj Bhatia is Assistant Professor of Architecture and Co-Coordinator of the URBANlab at The California College of the Arts

08/2013 Neeraj Bhatia unpacks a short history of Soft for Architizer

08/2013 Neeraj Bhatia is now an NCARB licensed Architect

07/2013 New Petropolis Projects live on Petropia

07/2013 Recon-FIGURE published on Archdaily

06/2013 Bracket [Goes Soft] reviewed on Archdaily

05/2013 Neeraj Bhatia invited final juror at University of Michigan, TCAUP

04/2013 Neeraj Bhatia presents "Figures in a Shifting Environment" at Cornell AAP Event, "Thumbnail" focussed on the theme of Figures

04/2013 The Drift House is published on Archdaily

03/2013 Neeraj Bhatia & Lola Sheppard launch Bracket [Goes Soft] in Boston at the pinkcomma gallery

03/2013 Neeraj Bhatia & Lola Sheppard launch Bracket [Goes Soft] in Toronto

02/2013 Neeraj Bhatia lectures & sits on panel "Soft Systems" with Christopher Hight, Ned Dodington, & Scott Colman for the Bracket [Goes Soft] Book Launch at the Architecture Center Houston

02/2013 Neeraj Bhatia lectures & sits on panel "Project Soft" with Michael Chen, Sergio Lopez-Pineiro, Leigha Dennis and Fionn Bryne for the Bracket [Goes Soft] Book launch at Studio-X NYC

02/2013 Neeraj Bhatia lectures at Harvard GSD on "Territorial Form / Forms of Territory"

02/2013 Neeraj Bhatia lectures & sits on panel "From Outside the Discipline" with Clare Lyster, Kathy Velikov, & Jeanne Gang at the Art Institute of Chicago

02/2013 Neeraj Bhatia curates the Territorial Infrastructure Lecture Series with Eva Franch, Kelly Doran, Brian Davis & Felipe Correa.

01/2013 Bracket [goes soft] edited by Neeraj Bhatia & Lola Sheppard now available for purchase

12/2012 Neeraj Bhatia presents a paper on "Fabricating Place" at "The Production of Place" conference in London, UK

12/2012 The Petropolis of Tomorrow is part of The Production of Place Exhibition.

12/2012 Neeraj Bhatia invited final juror at Syracuse University and University of Toronto

10/2012 Rice Team, advised by Neeraj Bhatia, wins first prize for Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Design

10/2012 Neeraj Bhatia publishes "Floating Frontiers" in PLOT, issue 9

09/2012 Neeraj Bhatia curates Petropolis Lecture Series with Martin Haettasch, Mason White and Luis Callejas

08/2012 The Petropolis of Tomorrow website launched []

07/2012 Neeraj Bhatia to be a visiting professor at Cornell University, Department of Architecture

07/2012 InfraNet Lab awarded a Graham Foundation Grant for Bracket 3

05/2012 'Liquid Commons' project featured in Fahrenheit Magazine, Issue 51

05/2012 Neeraj Bhatia awarded a Faculty Research Grant through Rice University for research on Northern Housing

04/2012 Bracket book launch [goes soft], co-edited by Neeraj Bhatia and Lola Sheppard, in Los Angeles

04/2012 Neeraj Bhatia invited final juror at Columbia GSAPP, University of Houston, and Cornell Department of Architecture

04/2012 Neeraj Bhatia and Alexander D'Hooghe publish "Dissolving the Grey Periphery" in Thresholds 40. Book launch at Pink Comma, Boston.

03/2012 Neeraj Bhatia and Bryony Roberts public lecture on "Re-Defining Context", Insider Trading Lecture Series, RSA

03/2012 "The Petropolis of Tommorow" , directed by Neeraj Bhatia, visits Brazil, meets with AECOM, KeppelFELS, and continues research on oil infrastructure

03/2012 Neeraj Bhatia presents "In Grid We Trust", Insider Trading Lecture Series, RSA

03/2012 Neeraj Bhatia, Reto Geiser, Noemi Mollet exhibit "Interlace" as part of the Un-privileged Views Exhibition, WUHO Gallery, Los Angeles

03/2012 Neeraj Bhatia selected as jury member for the James E Gui Competition at Ohio State University.

02/2012 Neeraj Bhatia, Stephen Engblom, Fares El-Dahdah in conversation on Brazilian Urbanism (Insider Trading Lecture Series)

02/2012 Neeraj Bhatia / Rice University receive grants from AECOM and Keppel for the research/ design project "The Petropolis of Tomorrow"

02/2012 Neeraj Bhatia, Christopher Hight, Ned Dodington, and Jonathan LaRocca roundtable discussion on the Animal Architecture Awards.

12/2011 Neeraj Bhatia, Maya Przybylski, Lola Sheppard and Mason White awarded an Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Faculty Design Award for "Next North: Architecture in Shifting Terrain"

12/2011 Neeraj Bhatia awarded a Shell Center for Sustainability grant for "The Petropolis of Tomorrow" Research Project

12/2011 Neeraj Bhatia awarded a Travel Grant from the Kinder Institute of Urban Research

11/2011 "In Grid We Trust" selected for The Greatest Grid Exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York

09/2011 Adriaan Geuze (West 8) and Neeraj Bhatia debate "Identity & Narrative of Public Space", Rice School of Architecture

07/2011 InfraNet Lab receives honorable mention in Life At the Speed of Rail Competition

07/2011 "In Grid We Trust" exhibited at the Guggenheim NY and The Architecture Center NY

07/2011 Neeraj Bhatia publishes "Reality Check" in Bezalel Papers on Architecture

06/2011 Archiprix project "In Grid We Trust" Selected as one of four prize winners.

06/2011 The Open Workshop runs a workshop at Archiprix 2011/ MIT

06/2011 Neeraj Bhatia & Alexander D'Hooghe publish "Public Form and the Periphery" in OnSite Magazine

06/2011 Neeraj Bhatia receives travel grant from Canada Council for the Arts

06/2011 Neeraj Bhatia delivers a panel lecture on "Infrastructure & Geography". Accompanied by Landing Studio, Rania Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

05/2011 Neeraj Bhatia/ The Open Workshop awarded a Graham Foundation Research Grant

04/2011 Neeraj Bhatia & Martin Haettasch open exhibition "A Manifesto for the New Collective: ReFORMing the Hard & Soft Project"

03/2011 Neeraj Bhatia & Maya Przybylski publish "Learning from Ecology" in Field Journal

03/2011 Neeraj Bhatia & Inaki Abalos live debate on "Thermodynamic Beauty" at the Rice School of Architecture

03/2011 Neeraj Bhatia selected as jury member for Animal Architecture Awards

03/2011 Neeraj Bhatia publishes an Op-Ed for Domus

02/2011 InfraNet Lab receives Graham Foundation grant for Bracket 2, edited by Neeraj Bhatia and Lola Shepard

01/2011 Pamphlet Architecture 30 Book Launch at Storefront For Art and Architecture, NYC

01/2011 Neeraj Bhatia & Christopher Hight Launch 'Pamphlet Architecture 30' at Houston Center for Architecture

01/2011 Neeraj Bhatia interviewed by C-Lab for The New City Reader

10/2010 Neeraj Bhatia interviews Sou Fujimoto, for OffCite.

06/2010 Neeraj Bhatia awarded The Wortham Teaching Fellowship at Rice University

04/2010 Neeraj Bhatia receives Lawrence B. Anderson Award from MIT to document Canadian Arctic Housing

04/2010 Neeraj Bhatia publishes article 'Outlines of a Stance' in Little t (MIT)

02/2010 -Arium: Weather + Architecture Book Launch

01/2010 Neeraj Bhatia publishes article on 'Residual Islands of Plurality' in Thresholds 36

11/2009 Neeraj Bhatia & Maya Przybylski deliver keynote lecture 'Territorial Ecologies' as Ecology Theory Forum, University of Sheffield

09/2009 InfraNet Lab selected for Pamphlet Architecture 30

08/2009 Honorable mention: Michael Jackson Monument Competition